Reasons to trust FruitAppetite

Maximum freshness


FruitAppetite products are picked at the point of their maximum ripeness. After the collection, the cold chain process is controlled right up until the point that the fruit is placed in the distributor's warehouse. This is how we make sure the product arrives to you with maximum freshness. 

Maximum quality


FruitAppetite follows strict quality controls so that the fruits it sells meet all requirements demanded by consumers and distributors, thereby obtaining a product of the highest quality and adhering to food safety standards..


Health for you and your familiy


FruitAppetite products are 100% natural fruits and are, therefore, one of the healthiest foods that can be consumed by you and your family. Our products are essential dietary supplements for a healthy and balanced diet, which is necessary for carrying out your busy daily activities full of vitality. 

Products you can trust in 100%

Maximum flavour


FruitAppetite products are not grown in controlled atmospheres or using other means of conservation that would cause the product to metabolise the fruit sugars, something that is easily noted by consumers when they consume fruits out of season. 


Ripened under radiant spanish Sun


FruitAppetite products are ripened in the most natural way, under the radiant Spanish sun, and without artificial intermediate processes. .




Low in calories

Our products have a relatively low calorie content without being considered special dietary products, but are foods with a healthy composition, which are balanced and have a relatively low calorific content.