The essentials of maintaining the highest levels of quality 

1st Allways the best raw ingredients

Cultivated by the best farmers, FruitAppetite fruits are given the utmost care and attention right from the initial stages, in order to give them an unrivalled flavour and juiciness.

2st the most qualified people and facilities  

Efficient facilities and highly skilled staff in all parts of the process guarantee the best quality standards for the finished product, and its delivery is always on time.

3st Distribution throught the best points of sale 

The distributors of our products have facilities that make it possible to preserve the best qualities of the fruit and that allow them to have a longer life when they reach the homes of consumers

How do we get it?

Through an innovative philosophy and strict quality controls, with a clear orientation toward the consumer, we've managed to be a production company that has enjoyed consistent growth for 25 years and that has a market share that’s growing year by year, through the best distributors and supermarket chains. 

"Nothing is more important than trust "

" ... confidence in a job well done, the most reliable professionals working every day of the year and only the best points of sale"

Our company's quality protocols and certifications 

  • These are protocols that guarantee the strict control of industrial food processes as well as good agricultural practices and processes in the handling of fruit and orchards with special control over critical points.

  • Protocolo de buenas prácticas agricolas y de procesos en el manejo de frutas y hortalizas con especial control de puntos críticos.

  • This is a protocol that guarantees compliance with environmental regulations

  • A protocol which certifies the quality of internal processes, the management system, management of resources and the delivery of products and services

  • It also ensures the supervision of CO2 levels and that we be included among those producing the Lowest Emissions

  • The Globalgap certification module certifies compliance with labour legislation, from the fields to the processing stages and all the intermediate logistics